Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ana Paula Oliveira - Sexy Referee Playboy Shoot

Ana Paula Oliveira is a smoking hot Football (Soccer) referee from Brazil. This is the video of her Playboy Photoshoot. (Credit to Tiogil) See her spread her legs and ass for the Brazilian Mag. Hot as all fuck!

As a Ref. during match

PB Photoshoot Ana Paula Oliveira - Sexy Referee.avi

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ingvild Engesland - Norway Skier Nude shoot that went too far!

Ingvild Engesland thought she will do some nude shots like other sports women  do. But no one told her they usually have some modesty and don't spread their legs and finger themselves.

Ingvild Engesland - Norway Skier Finger.zip

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pericko - Czech Sex Show - Full Episode 2001

Hot off the download from the website www.nwf.cz, and user prchy (Thank You) is a full episode of Pericko which I now think is from the Czech Republic. I think it is about 'ordinary people' doing sexy stuff in front of a studio audience and talking about it?

Some Hot stuff in this, would love to know what the people are saying and would love more episodes, but here it is make of it what you will.

Pericko 2001.avi

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Antje Nikola Moenning Photo Shoot - DVD Extras

Antje Nikola Moenning, a German mainstream Actress, in explicit photo shoot to promote her dirty film Angel mit schmutzigen Fl├╝geln (Angel With Dirty Wings). She is happy to pose very sexy with spread legs and lesbian overtones.

Definitely hot, a must see. It comes from the DVD extras to the film, but I downloaded somewhere (sorry don't remember where, but credit to the original ripper).

Antje Nikola Moenning Photo Shoot -DVD Extras.mkv

Saturday, November 19, 2011

TV Live Erotic Massage - Very Hot Guaranteed

From a TV show in Poland Czech Republic call Pericko I think, hot massage Capped in 2003. This is in two parts cause that is how I downloaded it from the Sexy and Funny Forums, all credit to original posters.

Quality is not that great but watchable and really sexy.

This is a full on massage including public fingering, tit sucking and even a little interview at the end.

A must see, this is hot as.


Flower and Snake 2 - Behind the Scenes - DVD

The making of DVD for Flower and Snake 2. About as good as the first, maybe a little more explicit but still fogged as is the Japanese style.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flower and Snake - Behind the Scenes - DVD

In this great making of DVD Aya Sugimoto, gets her tits tortured and is repeatedly fingered. It is fogged in the Japanese fashion but this is one hot behind the scenes feature.

You've seen the movie now see the much sexier and more explicit making of documentary.